Master of Simplicity
1 month ago

Free! Yay! But what? It will be a sample? An ebook? A gift? So what did you click on this post? Will read about the free concept or hope to get something just because "it's free"? In fact, the title of this post for a long time created was "the power ...

1 month ago

If you love photography prepare your machine because it is already in the air 1ª Photographic Exhibition of Master of Simplicity! The winning author will have an article on our digital magazine! Theme: Simplicity Deadline: February 10 2017 Email: masterofsimplicity (at) gmail (dot) com Your photo should express "simplicity" and have maximum quality. No…



Fatima Teixeira
Always involved in music, writing and photography! Adept of minimalism and simplicity with practical results applicable to everyday life.

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